SAP R/3 Internet
SAP R/3 Internet
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SAP R/3 Internet projects

In this area, we have built up market-leading know-how based on years of experience. This has allowed us to become strong in an area where others can provide little support, since the area is much specialised and most consulting firms deal with the application side of R/3.

VarTech Solutions has been able to capitalise over many "traditional" SAP R/3 projects, where we helped our clients in:

  • R/3 Modules Configuration,
  • operating system configuration (Windows NT / Unix / Linux): security concepts, high available solution, tuning, administration, domain concepts, etc.,
  • R/3 Basis configuration: installation, upgrade, configuration of correction and transport system, configuration of backup, printer, and SAPScript, remote connection, etc.,
  • R/3 Basis administration: system monitoring, CCMS, performance monitoring and, tuning, daily backups, etc.,
  • R/3 Development Workbench: development support, interface programming, ABAP/4 tuning, R/3 repository, etc.

With such strong knowledge of the R/3 systems, it has been easy to us to quickly understand the new Internet offerings and to help our clients to take the best advantage from them. Our previous experiences include:

  • "Outside-in" and "Inside-out" R/3-to-Web integration, using different techniques (RFC development, BAPI development, SAP DCOM Component Connector, SAP JCO),
  • ITS implementations,
  • Implementation of third party middleware to integrate R/3 with the Web,
  • SAP BW and SAP CRM web integration.

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