Internet, intranet & e-commerce
SAP R/3 Internet
Internet, intranet & e-commerce

Internet, Intranet and e-commerce projects

VarTech Solutions has complete experience in Internet consulting. We support our customers with the set up of Intranets, with connections to the Internet, and the realization of e-Commerce solutions.

We have always delivered full-scope, end-to-end Web applications, having assisted our clients in all project phases, from project management, to business process redesign, to software development and customization, to on-going software maintenance and enhancements. Our focus is on state-of-the-art web technologies in both Microsoft and Java platforms.

We provide cutting-edge expertise. Our Consulting Services and Expertise at a glance:

  • Microsoft and J2EE,
  • B2C (Consumer) sites - Internet,
  • B2B sites - Extranet,
  • Security (SSL, PKI etc.),
  • Content Management Systems,
  • Interface with enterprise backend,
  • XML,
  • Web services.

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