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Career model
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VarTech Solutions' career model describes the steps to follow in order to achieve excellence inside the company and in the IT consulting community in general. The foundation of it outlines a framework of skills and capabilities expected from all our professionals.

VarTech Solutions' career model is a strategic and flexible approach:

  • To give our people a vehicle to shape a successful and satisfactory career, providing a path for their professional development according to the actual business needs (our client demands and our offerings).
  • To provide value to our clients in a distinctive and competitive way by developing deep, specific and diverse skills.
  • To ensure VarTech Solutions' success in reaching the current and future goals through the development of an excellent knowledge capital and the retention of the best skilled people.

At VarTech Solutions, the career development is structured according to vertical competency groups and comprises four career levels; by defining what is expected at each level and within each competency, our career model identifies gaps and targets areas for future growth.The goal: the ability to provide clients with the same superior service every time and everywhere.

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