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In 2000, Giorgio Varda and Deborah Moscatelli founded VarTech Solutions; they wanted to realise their ideal of a fully competent, technologically savvy, honest and customer service driven consulting company to deliver advanced technology solutions. In a unique partnership where Giorgio Varda and Deborah Moscatelli both serve as CEO and chairman of VarTech Solutions' board, they share and divide responsibilities ranging from working with clients to setting the company's overall strategy to fostering the internal culture and environment

Former Andersen Consulting consultant, Giorgio has worked in IT projects since 1994, and has now more than 6 year experience on SAP. He started working on SAP R/3 Internet projects in 1997, when the first Internet-enabled R/3 released was made available.

Curious and innovative, he has exceptional abilities in understanding quickly client needs and proposing technical solutions which are at the same time original and reliable. He has worked on a myriad of projects, but still enjoys the enthusiasm of his first days in the industry.

His IT knowledge spans from the mainframes to web applications and architectures, from traditional, heavy-duty transaction systems to more fashionable applications delivered to wearable devices and PDAs. Among others, he has designed and led the implementation of a fully XML based Electronic Commerce architecture, of an advanced security and user profiling system for web applications etc.

Giorgio graduated "cum laude" from the Turin Polytechnic as a Nuclear Engineer. Top

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