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In 2000, Deborah Moscatelli and Giorgio Varda founded VarTech Solutions; they wanted to realise their ideal of a fully competent, technologically savvy, honest and customer service driven consulting company to deliver advanced technology solutions. In a unique partnership where Giorgio Varda and Deborah Moscatelli both serve as CEO and chairman of VarTech Solutions' board, they share and divide responsibilities ranging from working with clients to setting the company's overall strategy to fostering the internal culture and environment.

Deborah focuses on VarTech Solutions' vision, values, strategy, and work environment, as well as the company's unique approach to achieving dramatic business results for it clients. Her attention to the workplace environment has resulted in a small but strong and solidly founded company, where clients and employees enjoy the treats of much larger companies. She is really playing a variety of roles within VarTech Solutions.

Prior to found VarTech Solutions, Deborah Moscatelli worked nearly four years for Andersen Consulting, where she went through the internal consulting career path and reached positions of responsibility.

As an AC consultant, Deborah Moscatelli developed several key experiences by working in major SAP R/3 implementations on blue-chip, multinational companies in the High Tech industry throughout Europe. She has a strong background in company management, finance and general administration that perfectly fits with family-originated business sense (her family trades since the 1920s).

Her spirit of initiative was catalyzed by the creation of VarTech Solutions, of whom she constitutes the mind and the soul. Deborah Moscatelli was born near Milan in 1970 and she holds an MBA-equivalent degree from the UniversitÓ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. Top

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