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Founded in June 2000 by Giorgio Varda and Deborah Moscatelli, VarTech Solutions takes pride in being a self-funded company and a flexible small organization dedicated to offering the best, advanced internet solutions with a consistently efficient level of service.

We are an innovative company specialized in technical e-commerce consulting. Our focus is constantly on state-of the art web technologies along with a strong research and development presidium to monitor and pilot the latest technologies since their start. Thank to our intensive and challenging experience we provide solutions that open the future to our clients.

VarTech Solutions' vision is to become the perfect, long-term consulting partner of market-leading companies, through the provision of unique tailored service and high quality - high value technical solutions.

At VarTech Solutions we are very pleased with the growth and success experienced in 2000 and 2001, but we are even more excited about the tremendous opportunities ahead.

VarTech Solutions' inherent strengths provide a sustainable competitive advantage:

"First mover" advantage

VarTech Solutions is constantly future-oriented, driven by innovation, and has strong, practical and applied expertise on leading edge technologies. When competitors will be in a position to provide services equivalent to ours, VarTech Solutions will have new offerings available to our customers to keep the competition far behind us.

Full-scope advantage

VarTech Solutions is focused on the delivery of high quality - high value technical consulting and solutions. However, in this we offer an extremely wide range of services, spanning from strategic consulting to implementation to post-implementation maintenance. As a consequence, we can design and build very low Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) solutions, that will result cheaper than competition.

Total knowledge advantage

VarTech Solutions knowledge and experience spans over all business and technical areas. This offers our clients the unique opportunity to deal with consultants that can discuss with business as well as technical managers, speaking their own language and understanding their issues and needs. This is the essential foundation to provide the best technical solutions to suit client's needs.

Structural advantage

VarTech Solutions has been conceived from the ground up to be highly innovative and totally customer driven. Our structure is optimized:

  • to guarantee low reasonable costs by limiting our organizational overhead to its minimum
  • to exploit and to use the strengths of partners which provide services complementing the VarTech core of expertise.

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